• 22/05/2023

A success story with the help of the Therapeutic EUS machine in Dammam

قصة نجاح بمساعدة السونار المدمج بالمنظار في الدمام

A success story with the help of the Therapeutic EUS machine in Dammam

Necrotizing pancreatitis occurs when pancreatic tissue dies due to inflammation and then the bacteria may spread and cause an infection, in this case, the patient may be exposed to blood poisoning or sepsis and this may become a threat to their life.

Symptoms of necrotizing pancreatitis in addition to abdominal pain include low blood pressure, high heart rate, vomiting, abdominal swelling, and fever and the bacteria may reach the bloodstream and cause the body to go into shock.

In this case, our 46-year-old patient has been suffering from necrotizing pancreatitis since December 2022. He went to the Saudi German Hospital, Dammam branch, one week ago, with severe pain in the left upper abdomen, after the examination and the necessary ultrasound, Dr. Hussein Issa, gastroenterology and advanced therapeutic endoscopy consultant, diagnosed the patient with a large pancreatic pseudocyst and decided to intervene with the therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound for cyst drainage, And after the procedure and continuous follow-up, the patient began to recover.

It is worth noting that the most important benefits of therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound machines are:

  • Help the doctors to examine organs that cannot be seen through the usual endoscopy procedures.
  • Produce more detailed and accurate imaging.
  • Allow the doctor to take a biopsy of the tissue or fluid by passing a thin needle.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require surgical incisions.


Therefore, Saudi German Hospital, Dammam Branch, is keen to provide such technology to help the largest number of patients and improve their health without being subjected to any invasive surgical procedures.

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