• 20/06/2023

Splenic cysts treatment is a new success story for Makkah branch

Success Story 4 تكيسات الطحال

Splenic cysts treatment is a new success story for Makkah branch




It was not the first time that Sadan suffers from bouts of

colic and repeated vomiting, but the first time that she is admitted to a hospital for a whole week without an accurate diagnosis and any improvements or even control of the repeated vomiting; until she was charged on the responsibility of her father as he refused that she undergoes a gastrointestinal endoscopy and instead decided to bring her to the Saudi German Hospital, Makkah Branch, in search of appropriate treatment for his daughter.


After examining the child in the outpatient clinic, it was decided to admit her to the inpatient pediatric unit and do the necessary tests, which included televised radiology and CT scans of the abdomen, where she showed that she had Splenic cysts. A medical team was formed consisting of a consulting pediatrician, gastroenterologist, infectious diseases doctor, and pediatric surgeon, and it was decided to continue conservative treatment with the start of the use of the appropriate antibiotics.


The symptoms were treated and the splenic cysts' condition improved significantly, and the child was discharged from the hospital, and by following up on her condition in the outpatient clinic, it was found that she had completely improved.