Dr. Husni hussain Assad Rayes

Doctor Husni Hussain, Consultant of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at Saudi German Hospital, Makkah.
He has 20 years of experience in treating Autoimmune disease, food, skin, nose, medication allergies and asthma.
In addition to its excellence in performing Skin prick test.

Doctor can help with

  • Skin prick test
  • Asthma, food allergies, skin, nose, medications
  • Oral challenge test
  • All general pediatric disorders

Professional Journey

  • Medical Director at the Maternity and Children's Hospital

  • Member of the Clinical Privileges Committee

  • Member of the Coronavirus Vaccine Exemptions Committee

  • Deputy head of Pediatrics Department

  • Saudi Society of Allergy and Immunology

  • Children with Special Needs Association

  • Dawaa Association

  • Arab Fellowship in Pediatrics

  • Saudi Fellowship in Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

  • Training Fellowship from the University of Southampton, UK


  • Next Generation Exome Sequencing of Pediatric Asthma Identifies Rare and Novel Variants in Candidate Genes Genetics and molecular research

  • Exome Sequencing Studies for Kids with Non-Familial Food Allergy July 2019 Specific IgE to recombinant protein (Ber e 1) for the diagnosis of Brazil nut allergy,December 2015 Clinical & Experimental Allergy 46(4)

  • Three Arabic books in health education

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